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Colegrovian Empire

I used to go to Toronto a lot. My Aunt Dorothy knew a lot of nuns who used to run the hospital in Hartford Wisconsin. Their order was founded in Canada so most of Dorothy's friends were located in places like Moncton N.B.

For a teenager, Toronto was easy to get arround. The public transportation is good. Or at least it was when I was there last. I got lost once in the subway with my Sister because the subway makes a big U that crosses another line. We got on at the Bay station which is right betweent the two sides of the U on the crossing line. I just had a hard time finding the station on the map becaouse the word Bay was inbetween all the lines in the middle of the map.

My favorite place was the Ontario Science Center. Built on the side of the Don river valley, it has a series of long escalators to get from the top to down to exhibit halls. The ehibits I liked the best were:

  • The old laser left over from the '67 Worlds Fair.
  • The replica of the Banting and Best labratory where they discovered Insulin.
  • A rain fall map of Canada that showed the inches of rain on a table map with a pnumatic cylinder for each recording station.
    When you pushed a button for a town a steel rod would pop up to the height of the annual rain fall. Periodicaly the map would explode as all off the rods were lifted.
  • The glass blowing demonstrations
  • The fluidic air compressor model.
    Some Canadian paper mills made compressed air by putting an intake upstream just below the surface. Water flowing into the intake would push air down with it. Underground there was a tank that let the air bubble up out of the water. The water then flowed to an outlett downstream. Because the tank was below the river level the air in the tank was compressed.
  • The Building Itself

 The CN tower is cool too. I remember when there was nothing but train yard around it.