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People all over the world, particulary those who have a lot of time on there hands, are asking "What is the deal with Colegrovia? How come I'm the last to hear about these things? It the same as when I was back in High School and I heard about all the parties the following Monday?" The Colegrovia Guide can't answer these and many other questions. Have a look.

Proclamation of April 27, 1998

Recently the nation of Mexico extended dual nationality to American citizens who formerly were Mexican. In the same spirit of international good will I declare that dual American/Colegrovian citizenship will be extended to all American citizens that I like.

Colegrovia Overview

With no actual land area, Colegrovia is the smallest nation on earth. All Colegrovian citizens are dual nationals. The only responsibility of Colegrovian citizinship is that all Colegrovians must listen and make responsive noises when telephoned by the Emperor. The only benefit of Colegrovian citizenship is a spiffy Colegrovian passport which is unrecognized througout the world. The lack of Colegrovian civic benefits is offset by the current tax rate of 0%.


The national treasury collects funds found in the Emperor's wash.

The national monetary unit of Colegrovia is the Lump. The Lump is divided into 107 Smithereens, primarily to facilitate the shortchanging of tourists. The symbol for the Lump is the Lump sign ^. A price in Lumps is therefore written as ^15.103. A price less than one Lump uses the Smithereen sign *. such as 101*. Currency is available in 1, 3, 11, 27, 66 and 914 Lump notes, 1, 4, 27, 60 and 100 Smithereen coins and the Hooter (2 Lump) coin. 

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For more information on our fine little phony baloney country please check out our news, editorial and travel log pages.

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