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Boston Science Museum
The Boston Science Museum is one of the best science musemus in the country, right up there with the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and the Exploritorium in San Francico. I particulary like the Charles and Ray Eames designed exhibit Mathematica. It is not dumbed down like most new science museum exhibits.

I told a friend about my disappointment at the superficial quality of current science museum exhibits. He said, "Science museums are for kids." I disagree. I think that science museums should have superficial and deep information. Computer displays should accompany physical displays not substitute for physical displays. As the Internet content expands the roll of science museums will have to be to show people the actual items discussed.

The Kennedy Presidential Library
The Kennedy Library is the second best of all the presidential libraries I've been too. It gets big points for the best location, right on the water south of boston. It looks a lot like the arcitecture of the Kennedy Space Center, which is appropriate. The historical displays are very cool, particulary President Kennedy's desk with the distress message carved on a coconut from the wreck of PT109.

Presidential Libraries Visited

The Hoover Library

in West Branch IA


Hyde Park NY (Not Yet)


Independance NE (Not Yet)


Gettysburg PA (Not Yet)

The Kennedy Library

in Boston, MA

The Johnson Library

in Austin, TX

The Nixon Library

in Yorba Linda, CA


(Not Yet)


(Not Yet)

The Regan Library

In Simi Valley, CA

The Bush (G.H.W.) Library

in College Station, TX (best)


(Not Yet)

Bush (G.W.)

(Not Yet)