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The Flood
One year at COMDEX a sudden rain storm dumped two inches of rain on Las Vegas in a couple of hours. Las Vegas, being a desert city, does not have storm drains. There are drainage channels that go down city streets but they can't handle big storms, usually because parked cars are swept up by the current and jammed into culverts.

The parking lot at the convention center was flooded with about a foot of dirty water when I came out. People were sloshing through the water to their cars and attempting to drive out of the parking lot. A few people who tried to walk along the tops of the speed bumps went flying like log rolling lumberjacks. In the parking lot,  cars front ends would suddenly pop up and down, hanging themselves on steel pipe barriers submerged in the water. Some of the cars were still hung up on the pipes the next morning.

A group of Japanese guys in black business suits came out of the convention center, looked at the water and went back in. A few minutes later they came back out holding plastic literature bags over their expensive shoes. They splooshed out to their van all hunched over holding the plastic loop handles on the bags.