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Colegrovian Empire

I've been through Utah a couple of times. Once when I moved from Minnesota to California. And once when I drove to Wisconsin from California.

Promontory Point
On the way from Minnesota to California I stopped at Promontory Point Utah. The museum is small but interesting. I found it interesting that the Congress mandated that the Transcontinental Railroad had to use domestically made iron rails instead of imported steel rails. The rails wore out in a year and a half and were replaced with steel rail.

Morton Thiokol
On the way to the Promontory Point museum there is a Morton Thiokol solid rocket motor plant. They have an interesting garden of rocket motor casings, including a pre-Challenger SRB segment. 

Bonniville Salt Flats
The Bonniville Salt Flats are flat and salty. Idiots try to drive very fast on the salt to prove they are the fastest idiots on land.

Highway 50
I crossed Utah on Federal Highway 50 on my way from California to Colorado springs. There are 85 miles of nothing from Ely in Nevada to the first alfalfa farms at Fernley in Utah. The biggest hazard are open range cattle, which I had to shoo off the road. Right at the the Nevada / Utah border there is a gas station and casino combination. The casino is in Nevada and the gas station is in Utah, where the gas tax is lower.