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For a libertarian like me, Nevada is comfortable state. I like the idea of allowing people to do what they want without interference as long as they don't physicaly annoy anyone else.

I've spent the most time in Las Vegas, Laughlin and Jean in the south and Reno and Lake Tahoe in the north.

During July 1999 I drove US Highway 50 from Reno to Utah through the towns of Fallon, Austin, Eurika and Ely.

Fallon is home to a large naval air station. I didn't hear the planes. There is enough economic activity in Fallon to attract chain stores like Subway and Baskin Robbins. I bought Diet Mountain Dew at the Safeway and had dinner at a local diner. Alfalfa farming seems to be the main activity in Fallon besides the air station.

Austin is a small two gas station valley town about two hours drive west of Fallon. Highway 50 goes through a series of switch backs just east of town which I understand take a lot of drivers by supprise after hours of streight road from Eurica. There is a junkyard at the bottom of the switchbacks. I suppose sleepy drivers rocket right off the mountan in to the junkyard, saving a lot of work.

The Pony Express route ran through Ausin. After driving through the desert for hundreds of miles parallel to the Pony Express route I understand the value people put on timely information. No wonder the Telegraph was such a brekthrough technology.

I just cruised through Eureka. There is a big open pit mine next to the town which is why the town is there.

I got to Ely right before there was to be a parade. I went to the rest room and missed it. I took some pictures of the downtown, which has a six story brick hotel and casino. I had lunch at the casino. It seemed like a nice small town.