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Colegrovian Empire

Welcome to the Colegrovian Ministry
Banking, Baking, Bowling and Bribery

Debbie D'Amico
Minister of Banking, Baking, Bowling and Bribery

Raise the Red Towel !


The Emperor has given the green light for the construction of the fabulous Bowlshevik communist theme bowling alley. There will always be a delightfully long line to rent shoes, sizes 2 and 13 only. Workers need knock down only five pins for a strike, not easy, as the lanes are equipped with an average of seven pins each. Put one in the gutter and you're off the to the Gulag Bar and Grill until you confess your crimes and denounce your team mates. Every Thursday night is Party Purge night, bring your running shoes and lots of ammo. Look for a grand opening at the end of the next five year plan.

It Sounded Like a Good Idea
The Ministry has reluctantly decided to end the sour dough bowling ball project. While the prototypes meet the regulation 16 pound weight requirement and, with proper use of crisco, no longer stick in the ball return it has proved impossible to prevent finger adhesion.