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Agriculture Fisheries and Topless Bars


Welcome to the Colegrovian Ministry of
Agriculture, Fisheries and Topless Bars

 Taking Advantage of the natural and enhanced bounty of

 Bill Ervin

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Topless Bars


 Welcome to the AgFiTo Ministry. We are busting out with pride in our work. Just thinking about those Amber waves of grain (and other things that Amber waves) gives us quite a rise. As our motto says - Whoa, there is nothing the motto with that!

Community Outreach Programs
The ministry is especially proud of its community programs aimed at improving the lives of those in the AgFiTo industry. These include:

  • The Topless Support Group - Helping hands to ease their burdens
  • The Future Topless Fish Farmers of Colegrovia - A topless fish is not a fluke
  • Recycling - Protecting nature by recycling used pasties as fishing lures.

 Sub-Minstry Scandal
Sadly the former Sub-Minister of Animal Husbandry left office suddenly after it was found that he was taking his job too literally. On a brighter note, wool production is up and the sheep have never seemed happier.

Open Ministry Positions
The ministry always looking for budding talent to add to the AgFiTo team.

Some exciting openings are:

  • The Sub Minister of bailing wire, fishing line and G-stings - We need someone willing to help watch the bottom line.
  • The Sub Minister of Irrigation, Aquaculture and Wet T-shirts Big things  will develop with the right person on this job.