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Didn't Anyone Read the Script?
Steven Spielberg owes me. I saw two of his movies in the last year. AI was terrible. I was rooting for the creepy little robot to get crushed. The ending took way way to long and was really dumb. The whole thing was as dumb as Star Trek I.

Minority Report was a little better but one big error just wrecked it for me. At one point the hero is in prison. His wife uses his eyeball to get through a retina print lock to break him out. In any security system anywhere they remove someone's access as soon as they no longer qualify. I would say that being locked in prison would disqualify someone from opening the door.

Mr. Spielberg please send me $16 or read the script before you produce your next film.

Please Don't Let the Road Ahead be Laid Out by a Texan
I don't know where civil engineers in Texas learn their trade but the place needs to have it's accreditation yanked. I have been in more near misses at high speed in Houston and Austin than in any other part of the country. The suicide off ramps to frontage roads are just plain crazy. Maybe the roads are designed to wreck the Yankees if they ever invade again.

What? I Can't Hear You
The Outrigger Wailea on Maui, which used to be the Aston Wailea and the Intercontinental Wailea, is a nice hotel if you happen to be stuck in Hawaii. The problem I have with the place is their low quality phone lines. Even if your room has a conventional analog line, which mine did not, they are so noisy that connecting at anything over 19K is a miracle. Even then the communication is bogged down by error correction and retries. Sure it is a resort hotel but they get in lots of conventions and should be more Internet aware.

You're Too Kind, Really
I rent cars from Hertz for about 100 days a year. Because I'm a good customer they try to treat me well and give me free upgrades. I like Hertz and I appreciate what they are trying to do but I don't really like big Lincoln Town Cars or Ford Explorers. I like to get the same kind of car every time so I know where the switches are and how to work the cruise control. Half the time I go to my gold service car it is too big and I have to walk back to the booth to exchange it.

The Thin Red Line
If the Thin Red Line was any thinner it would be invisible. This movie is way too long with all kinds of boring scenic bits, sort of  a Disney's True Life Military Adventures. With no real character development it was impossible to remember who was who when they got killed. I think this move has edged out Dune as the worst movie I ever paid to see.

Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas
The Hard Rock Hotel threw me out of their property for taking pictures of their giant neon guitar from the parking lot. While it is their right to keep people from taking pictures on their property I do think it is a little extreme to put up a one hundred foot tall neon guitar and then get upset when people take pictures of it.

Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew
I like caffeine free diet Mountain Dew but I can't find it in California or Nevada.

I want to get rid of pennies for most purchases by rounding down the sales tax for purchases over three dollars to the nearest nickel.