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Colegrovian Empire

The Emperor elevates selected citizens to the aristocracy just for the fun of it. The Emperor also bestows honors on citizens that have done something to bring glory, honor, humor, or gin to the empire.



Baroness of Needles

Carrie Gunst



Duke of Cruz

Karl Schuh

Duchess of Cruz

Linda Schuh O.F.E.

Prince of Wobble

Alan Schuh



Duke of Echter

Chas. Lowther

Duchess of Echter

Suzie Lowther



Duke 'd Hill Country

Craig Johnson O.F.E.

Duchess 'd Hill Country

Lucia Johnson

Princess of Twirlybaton and Iwannapony

Lena Johnson

Doll in Waiting to Princess of Twirlybaton and Iwannapony


Prince of Yee-Ha

Griffin Johnson



Contessa von Space

Connie Szeflinski

Count von Niwot

Hale Landis



Lord of Cobble

Russell Chagnon

Lady Cobble*

Mary Chagnon O.F.E.

Princess of Morgan Hill

Katie Chagnon

Other Princess of Morgan Hill

Emily Chagnon



Dutchess Tiara

Elizabeth (Zilki) Harrison

Baron of BIOS

Curtis Stevens

Jack of Daniels

Pete McLean

Mistress of the Hunt

Carrie Gunst

Lord of the Dance &
Boss 'o Novas

John Nels Fuller

Baroness of Boulder

Renée Depew



* It is not legal in the Colegrovian Empire to ask Lady Cobble questions such as "Why did my print job not print?" or "My computer is working funny. Could you fix it?".